Update on Championship Games   17/07/2020

Arrangements for County Championship Games – Key Points

  1. Attendance at all games will be by ticket only.
    1. Tickets must be pre-purchased online via Ticketmaster/Universe (details to follow). We appeal to patrons not to turn up at any venue without a ticket.
    2. There will be no sale of tickets at venues.
    3. No cash sales are permitted.
    4. Anyone inside the ground at a game must have a ticket, including players, stewards, media etc (see point 2 below). Children of any age must have a ticket. No-one can be admitted to the ground without a valid ticket for each individual game.
    5. Season ticket/premium ticket/media passes can only be used in conjunction with a ticket (see point 2 below).
    6. Tickets will be scanned via mobile phone app at all venues (more details to follow).
    7. Tickets are priced at €8 for all round-robin games; no concessions are available.
  2. Ticket allocation
    1. Tickets will be allocated on the online system via individual or group codes which will be provided in advance.
    2. Participating teams and officials: 40 tickets each.
    3. Host venue/stewards/referees and officials/media etc 40 tickets allocated by the Cork GAA office.
    4. A maximum of 80 spectator tickets will be available while the 200 restriction applies.
    5. Season ticket/premium ticket holders have already paid for their tickets, and will have priority access to the online system for 24 hours ahead of everyone else for each round of games (they will be notified when this access is opened) in which to download a ticket for games they wish to attend, subject to certain limitations.
    6. Remaining tickets for each game will be offered to the participating clubs in equal amounts for optional online purchase.
    7. Subsequent to this, in the event that any of the 80 spectator tickets remain, they will be put on general sale online.
    8. It is expected that ahead of next weekend’s games, the priority window for season/premium ticket holders will be activated over the weekend, any club spectator allocation will be made available on Monday or Tuesday, and any remaining tickets will go on general sale later in the week.
  3. Broadcasting/Streaming of Games
    1. A number of County Championship games will be televised by TG4 and RTE.
    2. A number of County Championship games will be live-streamed – further details to follow.
    3. As always, any live streaming of games by clubs or individuals is not permitted.
    4. Requirements in relation to permission to video games are in place as normal.
  4. Match Arrangements
    1. The CCC has formally adopted the Croke Park match regulations to apply to all games in the Cork county championships – these have already been sent to clubs.
    2. Any public health issues arising during the championships will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the CCC in line with national GAA and HSE guidance.
    3. As previously communicated, dressing rooms and all other indoor facilities apart from toilets remain closed.
    4. All public health and GAA guidance for attending events should be followed by anyone attending a game in any capacity.

Thank you all in advance for your co-operation with these arrangements.

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